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Amore Earrings | Red

$37.00 $37.00
Amore Earrings in Red
  • 3.5" Length x 3" Wide
  • Made of Toquilla straw
  • Omega Closure.

These earrings are handmade in Ecuador. They are light and delicate, which makes them fragile by their nature. Please handle lovingly. Due to this being a natural material, slight color variances may occur from the image on our site to the actual product you receive.



    Shicato founder and creative director Shirley Gutierrez created her accessories brand with a mission: to support the creativity, the originality and the passion of her fellow Ecuadorians by preserving their traditions through her company. Shicato employs and empowers female artisans from Ecuador, providing them with additional income at a fair price. The brand also uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials, therefore protecting the local environment as well.